For me, it’s water and color and motion and in just about any work I do, it appears to me that it needs a bit of water in it.

Water fascinates me: it rolls, it waves, it shines as it moves and even as it holds in stillness. never empty …carrying life with it .. mirroring the world above, opening up views to the silt below and allowing views of movement in mid-level.  It changes color and mood and engages one in its myriad reflections.

 IMG_7077_hp3Years spent alongside streams watching the movement of life through river currents, Insects, water striders, dragonflies, turtles, ducks and especially of course: fish…

beautiful..intelligent design made for fluid movement…traveling in groups as small as three or more than twenty …all those separate bodies traveling as one…yet each one keeping respectful distance from one another in their combined direction.


There could be endless meaning in this layering of life in water: as in the unconscious, conscious and super-conscious…flowing all together separate but one…in different ways…mind, body, spirit together initiating change and responsive to every change …rippling with each pebble dropped..swirling around tree limbs in their tangled reach to the bottom… every passing cloud pushing color and value changes in the waters appearance…and forcing change as it floods and flows …relentlessly pushing on.

 DSC05334 In every instant, the fish move, the water moves, the riverbed slides and always the light moves…

the child swears she will not move…but powerless against the unseen forces, childhood loses hold …as change wins out.

 things lost and found on a river’s bottom… the keys, the wedding ring, the love locket, the toy boat all lost until found again.