This diptych was done in 2015 for the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland. A mixed media painting measuring 48 x 72, it was created for the Pediatric treatment room at the hospital.  The work seeks to engage young patients in its visual distraction. One can find many journeys in the imagery. I enjoyed playing with perspective while adding more and more layers of complexity to the work. Circular shapes are also prominent here, as in a reaffirmation of the whole, uninterrupted by disease or injury. I also had Native American medicine balls on my mind, spinning a whirl of calm and healing around the viewer. One can find counting activities to engage children in a search of the work while it pulls the viewer into visions of other places and other journeys. Working on this painting caused me to delve into the healing properties found in nature and in joyous memory. And of the beauty of this world with people moving together to create a better outcome.

 Advent Lutheran Church in Arlington, VA renovation called for two new window designs for the entry. Washington Glass Co built the windows to my design specifications. The two windows are united thematically and also by the two curved iron bars connecting the circular and rectangular windows.